July 17, 2018

NOAA Headquarters was visited by ActioNet Business Units

ActioNeters Visit NOAA to see the World Globe

By Tamika C
What if you could find research from around the world about hurricanes, sea-level changes, which locations are highly populated with Sea Turtles or even flight and ship patterns with a click of a button? Even better, what if it was displayed on a World Globe approximate 6 feet in diameter! The ActioNet Science and Research Business Unit (SRBU) visited such a system! It’s called Science On a Sphere (SOS).

Science on a Sphere is a room-sized, global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a large-diameter sphere, creating a giant animated globe. The SOS is located at NOAA Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland and used as a model for testing new ideas in content creation, educational programming, and science communication.

NOAA Team Admires World Globe

ActioNeters Admire the World Globe at NOAA Headquarters

Our SRBU Management team took a field trip to see the spectacular SOS and discovered how NOAA uses their research and technology to predict environmental changes, collaborate with scientist and non-scientist to share, learn and educate everyone around the world. The SRBU ActioNet Staff play a role in the wonders of SOS by providing IT support through coordination with the NOAA Office of Higher Education. This field trip provided a small view into one of the major missions of NOAA and the perspective of work our teams accomplish daily to provide customer support. Overall success is only accomplished when you know how the smallest tasks fit into the big picture. The SRBU proudly learned that those employees working behind the scenes to provide support for the SOS mission understand that they are vital to the bigger mission of NOAA success!