February 26, 2018

By Brady O. and Mark S.

Developing software without adequate testing is like running into the woods blindfolded or kayaking down rapids without a paddle. All software contains defects as it is developed. The time spent to thoroughly test software before deployment or integration into a system can save significant time over the lifecycle of the system.

Testing is an activity that software developers are not always keen on performing or writing. The reality is that software development, without robust testing, can cause catastrophic results. A quick Google search will supply you with multiple examples of horrific articles to read. Testing is so important for some projects that dedicated test teams are created. Software tests are not like testing a car, tank, or aircraft – in some cases, it is far more complex. For the software projects where the complexity is so high, software developers are needed to test the software. Moreover, it is in these projects where a Software Developer in Test is not a typical Quality Assurance person.

Complex software projects require ingenuity and technical knowledge to test. Often it involves the writing of additional software code to test depending on the testing methodologies employed. The function that may need to be tested is a machine-to-machine interface that is not visible to a human and the only way to test this is to write software that mock’s another machine. Quality Assurance professionals typically focus on the high level requirements. A Software Developer is needed and required to perform these duties at a more granular technical level.

Hiring for these projects can be tricky as most developers tend to think this work is second-chair to developing the features that power the project or business objective. There is some enjoyment to be had as a developer-in-test because your job is to break things and to come up with better ways to break things. There are opportunities within ActioNet for those who seek the challenge in finding ways to resolve long-term problems and reduce resources by identifying problems with software code prior to being merged into complex systems. These are highly valuable skill sets that have major impact on the quality of our deliverables to the Customer.

To that end, ActioNet is always looking for qualified and motivated Software Developers across the Company. Please visit https://www.actionet.com/careers/ to learn more about how you can use your technical background to support our Customers’ Missions across the Defense and Civilian Sectors.