February 22, 2016

Written by Purshina P.

In true ActioNet holiday fashion, the staff here in ActioNet Germantown jumped at the opportunity to create a fun and spirited video for the Happy Feet video contest. When the theme was announced we began brainstorming and quickly gathered ideas to incorporate into our video submission to ensure we would showcase our incredible team talent while also standing out among the competition. Knowing very little of the chosen song, Watch Me by Silento, we quickly employed the efforts of those who knew the choreography by having them give dance lessons and demonstrations. To bring more life and creativity into the video, we included the use of props by using scarves, silly hats, and sunglasses to encourage the festive spirit of the holidays. The final video was taken in the atrium of the ActioNet Germantown building with half of our team circled around a bright red poinsettia tree, and the other half dancing above on the second floor balcony.

One major and unique aspect of our video was the incredible turnout and participation by many of the staff here in Germantown. Our team included everyone from executives and program managers to software developers and back office staff. Everyone who was given the opportunity to join in was more than happy to do so. Working closely together as a team is an aspect of our office culture that is truly embraced here. After just one glance at the video, you can tell the team here at ActioNet Germantown fully embraces and embodies the team atmosphere, and thoroughly enjoys working together. Even when creating a fun video submission for an office competition, the ActioNet Germantown team does not disappoint. It only takes one dancing lobster to set the tone for the entire video shoot, and the rest is history!

Even more importantly than achieving success together is recognizing everyone’s individual and collective accomplishments. As you can see in the photo, the team is gathered back together for lunch to celebrate a job well done with our teammates.