Chalkboard with teamwork written on it overtop of shaking hands

October 12, 2017

Vienna, VA

Our September Monthly Birthday Cake Celebration featured “Wear Your Favorite Team Jersey” Day. We had a full range of sports represented with Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey with local and other Regional flavors.  No boos or tailgating but plenty of Cake and Ice Cream.

One of our Core Values is to “Make and Customers and Each Other Successful”. While wearing our ActioNet “Red and Black”, we celebrate each other’s successes and support each other to make a difference every day, for our customers, for each other, and in our communities. We are truly blessed and proud of our ActioNeters. This is true Team Spirit in the finest sense!

ActioNeters participating in Wear Your Favorite Team Jersey Day gather together despite wearing a variety of jerseys ActioNeters eat cake together at Wear Your Favorite Team Jersey Day Cakes took on a sports theme for Wear Your Favorite Team Jersey Day Football themed cake for the themed event ActioNeters with September birthdays pose for a photo with the sports-themed cakes