April 27, 2015

Written by Michelle B.

These days everyone seems to have a Fitbit or a similar device to help them count their steps, count the number of stairs they climb, monitor their sleep, or whatever it may be.  Fitbit seems to be leading the pack among the people who I know, and I have one on most days as well.

This past week, Cindy J. spearheaded a 5 Day Workweek Hustle Challenge.  The challenge was accepted by 6 employees: Taina M., Michelle B., Cindy J., Christian S., Katherine A., and Tony M.  On the last 2 days of the challenge, each participant picked up their daily step count, and this friendly competition quickly turned into a “do or die battle” to the finish line.

Here are the results of our first 5 Day Challenge:

Name Steps
Taina 111,730
Michelle 97,591
Cindy 94,984
Christian 87,633
Katherine 58,123
Tony 48,795


With everyone using their Fitbits to stay in shape, to make their goals, to track their sleep, and to monitor their calories, I have an OMG obsession with this device! It really helps to build your health and welfare!  It is not my physical fitness guru, but I do wear mine because it is fun to see how far I’ve gone in a day.