November 10, 2020


By Dee C.

As October 31st neared, ActioNet searched for a way for our employees to celebrate the Halloween holiday together. With many employees working from home, we were unable to make an event of costumes in the office. Like many other events in 2020, we decided to take our Halloween costume contest online!

To continue the holiday cheer, we extended our costume contest this year. Not only would employees be eligible for entry, but so would their spouses, children, and other close family. ActioNeters raved over the change and were excited to submit photos of their fun and creative costumes. In the end we received a total of ten photographs from six different families.

The Halloween Costumes

Fun and creative costumes filled our inboxes. Some contestants decided to dress up as their real-life heroes, such as an astronaut, a firefighter, and the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Others dressed up as their fictional heroes, like Harry Potter and Gru and friends from Despicable Me. Our last contestants flexed their design and creativity with costumes such as unicorns and scarecrows. Check out the wonderful photos from our ActioNeters below!

The Contest

After reviewing the entries we couldn’t let everyone go home empty-handed. That’s why we created a video and released the photos to the entire company to enjoy. After everyone is done watching they can take time to vote for their favorite costume in our survey. The top winners will receive a gift card prize!

Would you like to participate? Vote for your favorite costume in our survey! We will be releasing an update with the results soon. Continue to monitor the ActioNet blog for the outcome of our Halloween costume contest… and the announcement of our next costume contest!