April 21, 2021

ActioNeters shared their experiences with the COVID Vaccine

By Dee C.

On April 19th all adult Americans became eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. The announcement brought about excitement in many and indecision in others. While the world depends on herd immunity to get us out of this global pandemic, achieving a 70% vaccination rate may be harder than expected. A great deal of the public has expressed hesitance in taking the vaccine, citing a lack of knowledge.

At ActioNet we are strongly encouraging employees to vaccinate. We believe vaccination is necessary to keep our employees and offices healthy. To alleviate vaccine concerns in the workplace we asked vaccinated employees if they would share their stories.

Six ActioNeters volunteered to interview on everything from the registration process to their side effects. One individual even agreed to share footage of their full vaccination appointment. Let their experiences help you shape your decisions on the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Why did you decide to get vaccinated?”

Everyone who has received the vaccine has done so for their own reasons. Some got vaccinated for a sense of normalcy while others have specific desires that shaped their choice.

“I wanted to feel at ease around my family and friends and get to start traveling again,” said Meaghan B. about her decision to vaccinate.

Others expressed that family and loss amidst the COVID-19 pandemic influenced their resolution to get the vaccine.

“My in-laws both contracted COVID back in December and my father-in-law didn’t make it through,” said Brandon S. “It’s not necessarily all about me – whether I would be impacted – but about the family members that might be impacted.”

“How was the registration process?”

Registration had been one of the more confusing elements of the vaccination process. Each area had its own registration requirements and sign-up forms. In the DMV area registration could be particularly difficult, as employees often live in one state while working in another.

ActioNet has prided itself on consistently sharing vaccine registration information for all our employees, regardless of county or state. ActioNeter David C. signed up in his state using the information provided by human resources.

“… I registered through the Virginia Department of Health website. [I] waited until they contacted me to schedule an appointment.”

Fellow ActioNeter Mengistu W. followed a different path to receive his vaccine closer to home. He took advantage of CVS programs to locate a center convenient to him.

“What was your experience receiving the vaccine?”

Side effects are often considered the most concerning element of the process. Many are eager to learn more about the short and long-term effects of the vaccine before scheduling their appointment. Luckily we received interviewees who received their vaccine early and were eager to discuss their reactions.

“I got the Pfizer vaccine. First shot was fine, [with] just a sore arm. [The] second shot was a bit harder… it basically felt like I had the flu for a day,” shared Meaghan B. She had been able to schedule her appointment early in 2021 and reported no additional reactions beyond the first day. Other recipients expressed their lack of reaction, speaking only of the wait periods or a sore arm.

Hear our ActioNeters speak on their experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine

“What advice do you have for people waiting for the vaccine?”

Every recipient shared a different piece of advice, but they all agreed on one thing. Every interviewee agreed that everyone able to get the vaccine should do so.

“Please get vaccinated,” said Jeff A. “Definitely get on the schedule. It’s important we all get vaccinated to so our society and the world as a whole can go back to some degree of normalcy.”

Mengistu agreed, stating, “I advise them to take it. Hesitation is not the way to deal with this pandemic.”

Where do we go from here?

Like our interviewees, ActioNet strongly encourages employees (and the world) to receive the vaccination. Herd immunity is the best option for keeping our offices, families, and communities safe from COVID-19.

If you have not already, register for the vaccine in your area. Make an impact on the future of our world  while taking care of your health. Get vaccinated.