April 28, 2009

ActioNET: Fairfax County Economic Development Authority

Ms. Ashley Chen, President and CEO
ActioNet, Inc.
2600 Park Tower Drive, Suite 1000
Vienna, VA 22180

Dear Ms. Chen,

Thank you for your participation in the creation of Fairfax County Economic Development Authority’s (FCEDA) 2008 Annual Report. I am delighted to enclose a copy for you and would be happy to send more if you, or others at your company, would like to have them.

We appreciate the time you took from your hectic schedule to let us know what factors influenced, and continue to influence, your company’s decision to make its home in Fairfax County. Companies such as ActioNET create jobs and increase the commercial tax base, which helps county officials fund services and programs for a growing and changing population. Job growth, wealth creation and a high quality of life all go hand in hand, and having ActioNet in Fairfax County is an integral part of this mix.

By the way, the FCEDA on June 18 will present “The New Urban Economic Model: The Transformation of Fairfax County,” a thought-provoking conference exploring how forward-thinking business communities and companies are rising to the challenges and opportunities created by urbanization. I would be pleased to have you attend this event. The conference Web site is www.transformingfairfax.org.

On behalf of the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, thank you again for assisting us with the production of this report. Please do not hesitate to contact me if the FCEDA can be of service in the future.


Gerald L. Gordon, Ph.D.
President and CEO

View the annual report here.

For more information on ActioNet, contact Ashley Chen by phone at (703) 204-0090 x108, by email at [email protected], or you can view the website at http://www.actionet.com.