May 10, 2021

Employee Assistance Program Header

By Lina J. 

ActioNet has always cared about the health and well-being of our employees. The past year has been a particularly stressful and difficult year for us all. To assist our ActioNeters in times of hardship, ActioNet has provided an Employee Assistance Program, available to all employees and their dependents. 

The ActioNet Employee Assistance Program is a 24/7, confidential service that provides advice and aid for a variety of issues employees and their dependents may face. Employees can log or dial in anytime to get access to several programs and resources for any issue. Services include emotional support and counseling, work-life solutions, legal guidance, and financial resources. 

Emotional Support and Counseling 

The stresses of the past year have taken a toll on many of us, both physically and emotionally. Many of us are dealing with loss, while others are facing the effects of long-term isolation. ActioNet would like to help employees and their families navigate through the healing process. 

The Employee Assistance Program has a plethora of online resources to advise employees through their difficult periods. The Guidance Resources website includes a list of articles to assist with the grief and loss process, emotional well-being, personal growth, and more. Additionally, their phone consultants can assist employees with locating a counselor in their area. Many employees and dependents are eligible for a number of free counseling sessions each year through our Employee Assistance Program. 

Work-Life Solutions 

The work-life balance has been thrown on its head throughout the pandemic. Parents became teachers as their children were required to study from home. Adult children found themselves needing to care for their elderly relatives while simultaneously working.  

As we move closer to returning to work, many find themselves struggling with child and elder care. The Employee Assistance Program would like to guide caretakers with informative articles. Additionally, Guidance Resources has a helpful search function to locate nearby care facilities. 

Legal Guidance 

No matter if you need legal guidance while selling your home or an expert to legalize your estate planning, the Employee Assistance Program is here to help you. As with all resources on the Guidance Resources site, experts in real estate law, estate planning law, personal injury law, and more have all written free articles to assist users in navigating their legal issues. As a bonus, members of our Employee Assistance Program can receive free consultations or discounts for lawyers within our network.  

Financial Resources  

Navigating financial health is difficult in the average year. The COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened financial stresses for many families. 

The Employee Assistance Program can provide relief for many searching for financial help in this time. Dozens of articles have been cultivated to guide users through everything from taxes to debt management. Additionally, several discount programs are available on the Guidance Resource site for users to take advantage of, saving money on everything from insurance to online shopping. 

Accessing the Employee Assistance Program 

ActioNet employees and their dependents can access the Employee Assistance Program using the instructions on our intranet or by contacting HR. If you are not an ActioNet employee but would like to be a part of the program, consider joining our close-knit team. 

ActioNeters work on innovative programs, work hard and play hard, and gain access to competitive benefitsApply and join our team today!