January 24, 2018

The Human Resources and Talent Acquisition team poses after receiving the ActioNet Service Organization Award

Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Team Accept ActioNet Service Award

By Kathleen B.

During the annual ActioNet Winter Party celebration, an ActioNet Service Organization (ASO) Team is recognized for providing outstanding service to its customers. The criteria includes revealing major obstacles that it endured and overcame; providing example of team cohesiveness; and exhibiting leadership and team development. Additionally, the team had to demonstrate how they embodied the company’s vision, mission, and core values.

This year’s ActioNet Service Organization Award recipient was none other than our Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Team. The team, which also includes Security and Training personnel, recognizes it needs to be a solid foundation supporting the many talented professionals across the globe who, in turn, support our customers.

The team is proud of the progress it has made over the past year, from assisting with recruiting, launching a new employee orientation program, facilitating the performance management process, supporting and conducting training and development, managing travel requests, and processing our employees’ security clearances. Our Talent Acquisition Team partners with operational teams to identify, recruit, and hire great talent to support our customers. Together, the team hired over 350 new employees. We continue to improve our processes with the goal of reducing the reliance on recruiting agencies to fill our positions. Today, we are able to identify and recruit a better quality of candidates across the organization and the recruiters are able to focus on the business unit more intimately, which helps them to understand the staffing needs as the company grows.

Our Human Resources Team was enhanced and aligned under four key areas: Employee Relations, Benefits, Training, and Security. This realignment has enabled the team to make process improvements and operate more efficiently as a team by departmentalizing activities.

Talent Acquisition and Human Resources, though, would not be complete within the help of Security and Training personnel. Without their support, employees would not be able to support positions that require a clearance or take advantage of career development opportunities.

Collectively, the Team is part of the heartbeat of ActioNet. Their services are vital to our greatest and most valued asset….our ActioNeters!