January 22, 2018

ActioNeters Enjoy the Winter Party

ActioNeters pose together in their masks for the ActioNet Winter Party

By Laura L

“This is the best party I have ever had!” Madeline just couldn’t conceal her excitement, not even the beautiful purple feather mask. Her face was fully covered, but not her bright eyes and big smile.

Yes, I totally agree, she is definitely not alone, we had 1000 other participants joined this carnival in MGM National Harbor on 01/06/2018.  As IT professionals, we don’t always have the opportunity to wear fancy fine dresses or dance in the luxury MGM Grand Hall, let alone the mysterious masks made everybody joined the guessing games with all the crazy and creative ideas, in addition with the fine dinner, and aromatic wines. Fun, fun, fun!!

2018 Winter Party is not ordinary, it is especially a milestone for Ashley Chen, our CEO and Founder. From the garage to MGM, from 1 to 2000, from Vision to Action, and from Action to Vision; no matter good days or bad days, Ashley has kept this tradition for all the past 20 years as one of the most important events on the “Work Hard, Play Hard” checklist.

Tonight, Ashley is definitely the center of this Masquerade Winter Party.

In my eight years of staying in ActioNet, no matter when I see Ashley, she always has the best smile, best energy, best passion, and best knowledge to lift everybody up! She is never afraid of sharing her dream, her goals, her blueprint, and her vision with all the employees.

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey

Cannot wait to witness a stronger growing ActioNet in our next winter party!

MGM National Harbor Lobby for the ActioNet Winter Party ActioNeters celebrate winter party together at MGM National Harbor ActioNeters on the dance floorFounder Ashley Chen and CAO Jeff Abish cut the 20th anniversary cake