June 28, 2021

ActioNeter Drops off Food Donations for Food for Others

By Michelle B.

One year after the beginning of the COVID pandemic many of us are looking forward to returning to normalcy. Home visits and in-office work are both becoming more common. Many are already falling back into their pre-pandemic lives.

For thousands, this normalcy is not yet possible. Not all have recovered from the financial losses suffered during the initial lockdowns. Families across Fairfax county are still facing hunger and food insecurity.

Doing our part to support our community, ActioNet housed a donation box in the HQ reception area to collect food donations. Employees diligently donated in packages of pasta, beans, soups, veggies, and more. Donors were so eager to submit that we were asked to set up remote donations for off-site employees. Charity organizers in ActioNet were happy to oblige, resulting in several packages of food arriving to the office.

Three months later our teams began preparing for drop-off at Food for Others. Donations of canned and dry goods filled 29 boxes of food with over 773 items donated in total.

Charity Organizers show off Food Donation

ActioNeters stand with the collection of donations prior to boxing

Volunteers within ActioNet worked together to take the donations to Food for Others and were met with smiling faces. Great job ActioNeters and thank you for making for a successful food drive!